Forge of Gems Slots

Today we're going to be taking a quick look at the Forge of Gems video slot and seeing what it has got to offer us. We have heard some really good reviews, so we're excited to take a look at it for ourselves today. If you're keen on learning more about a video slot that excites you, then maybe this could be the one for you today. I wouldn't be surprised, considering how many awesome features are included, such as volatility rates, impressive RTP's and more. Check it out today and see what you can discover with it all.

Everything about the Forge of Gems Slots

There's so much information to gather when it comes to the Forge of Gems Slots, so let's take a look straight away. The first thing worth noting is that it has been developed by none other than the famous Play'n GO software developers, so if you're looking for some incredible standards then this is definitely the right one for you. These guys always keep their graphics to the highest of standards too, so if aesthetics are important to you then you know that you have to check this one out.

There are 5 reels and 3+ rows here in the Forge of Gems Slots, which are definitely nice figures to begin the journey with. As for the paylines, these come in at 36,288 which is also amazing. The RTP, which is another important figure in any slot game, comes in at 96.2%, which is so good because it's over the national average percentage. The higher this figure is the better, so keep those eyes alert for when it appears.

There's also a maximum win included here, and this comes in at 20,000x the bet, which is super good. The volatility of the slot has been said to reach high, which is totally impressive too. As for the minimum and maximum bet, these begin from 0.1 euros and reach all of the way up to 100 euros.

Features and more

There are tons going for the Forge of Gems Slots, and the features are definitely something to check out as well. The top ones included here are the wild symbols, cascades, forge reels, win multipliers, gem boxes and finally, the free spins. All of these are going to help you win bigger and better than ever before, so give them a go now and see what you can accomplish with them. Huge winning combinations are on the horizon!